Another great day on the water with calm seas and a warm temperature.  As soon as we got there the bottom was covered with cod.  The first drop with jigs was all bent rods with a few keepers and lots of throw-backs.  And that was all it was, one good drift and the fish just disappeared.  We looked around and made a couple of more stops and caught a few shorts and it was time to move on.

We then went to the haddock grounds and had a slow pick all day, a couple of fish here and there is all is was .  After the tide change late in the day we went looking for cod again and found a bunch not too far away. With no body around it was nonstop action on jigs for about 2 hours and we managed to catch 3 more boxes.  This time most of the fish were keepers, with some as big as 20 pounds and the average was 5-8 pounds.

What a great end to a pretty slow day with 2 five gallons buckets of fillets to take home.

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