We left the dock at 6am and headed to where we have been fishing and along the way, about 7 miles short of the cod grounds, fish where piled up high.

Fishing was the best it’s been all year!. We made one long drift and we had our limit of cod in about 2 hours time. A new body of fish is here, still with some throwbacks and most you did not even have to measure, they were mostly gaffers. Still nothing that big, but bigger than they have been.

We had to get away from the cod and look for haddock and did not have to go too far. We moved to the deeper water, set the anchor and put the bait out. All I can say it was nonstop big haddock with not one throwback and plenty of cod again that got to swim another day.

Around noon or so everyone was tired and it was time to take a slow ride home and fillet fish.

Heading back out in the morning for hopefully a repeat trip.

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