Our last two cod and haddock charters on 4-17 and 4-18 were a great success.  Two great days with sore arms and full coolers.  There is plenty of bait and good fishing should continue.
Fridays charter 4-17, which only consisted of only 3 fishermen caught 70 plus cod and haddock.  It was a slow cod pick in the morning with the largest fish around 12 pounds and the rest where in the 5 – 8 pound range.  There where also quite a few throwbacks, one out of every four or so was a keeper.  In the late morning we went looking for haddock in the deeper water and marked quite a few, shortly thereafter we set the anchor and it was almost non-stop action with all keeper haddock and some where around 10 plus pounds.
Saturdays charter 4-18, was and even better day!  We caught around 120 cod and haddock and it was much the same as the day before, cod in the morning and then to the haddock grounds afterwards.  Once we set the anchor, as soon as everyone was on the bottom all rods were bent and it lasted for quite a while and when it did slow down after the tide change we still always had fish on.  100 pounds of fish fillets in the cooler and we where on our way home.

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