Today we had out Big Al form the Sea Horse and other crew from Atlanitc Highlands New Jersey. Fishing was so good today and it was not as good as it has been, that they decided to come again tomorrow.
It was a bit windy this morning when we left and I knew we were not going to be able to drift until later in the day when the winds were going to back off.  So we anchored and had a pretty good pick of cod and haddock for a few hours, filling about 3 coolers of fish.

As soon as the winds let off we pulled the anchor and found the cod with no other boats around.  All I will say it was drop and reel fishing and as quick as you hit the bottom you where on!  If everyone went down at one time there where 5 bent rods.  You never came up with an empty jig unless of course you were Al.  Fish were all over the deck with all coolers full and they just kept coming.
We left the fish biting and will be back in the morning to hopefully do the same.

Fishing has been awesome this year and there is plenty of bait around and it sould continue.

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